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Deleted Scene
Now that I am about to embark on the second draft for Aileen 6, I thought it was time to build a little excitement for the coming book. As promised, here is a deleted scene from book 5. It was the original beginning of Twilight’s Herald. I cut it for reasons I can’t remember, but…
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First Draft Complete
I finished the first draft for Aileen 6 yesterday. The idea that this part of the process is finally at an end is taking some time to sink in. This morning I woke up at my usual time despite promising myself I’d sleep in. After breakfast and puttering around the house for a little bit,…
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Happy New Years!
I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not sure I’m ready for 2022 to be over or for 2023 to begin. This past year has flown by. I feel like I just got settled into the year and now it’s already over. Honestly, I kind of feel like I have whiplash. Perhaps some of…
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Website Revamp
Last year I started redesigning my website. I got several pages made and even sent it to people for feedback before realizing it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I hated what I had created. At heart, I’m a writer; not a graphic or web designer. Writing is where I’m happiest. It’s also what pays…
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Getting Better
I have survived the great wisdom tooth extraction. It wasn’t pretty though. I don’t say this often since being an author who dreams up fantastical situations, but it went worse than I imagined it would.  One of the things I learned about myself is that I don’t handle pain meds well. Like at all. I…
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Wisdom Teeth Woes
I am in full on grinch mode. The past few weeks since returning from our road trip have been one thing after another. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to delay all the necessary appointments to the end of the year. Throw in the website revamp and a couple other important matters and hardly a…
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It’s Live!
A few housekeeping items. Facets of Revolution is now available in all the retailers. The print version should be coming later today or tomorrow. I approved it this morning now we just have to wait for it work its way through Amazon’s queue. The audio version is coming but I do not have an ETA…
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Facets of Revolution Excerpt
Preorder now Available Sept. 27 One Almaluc – A space station above the planet Jettie Selene tilted the cup she held to admire the lovely reddish color of the liquid inside. It really was the perfect shade. A delight for the eyes and a promise for the palate. It was amazing how a love of…
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Finn Short
Some of you are way better at this stalking thing than I gave you credit for. The newsletter had only been out for a few hours before many of you had uncovered the fact that the Finn short was in it. After which, I received several panicked emails from people who’d just joined and who…
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