It’s Been A While

Phew. It’s been quite a few months since my last post. Since January it looks like. Time really flies when you are focusing to the exclusion of all else on getting your first draft done. I can’t believe we’re already closing in on June. I’m just now starting draft 2 of Aileen 7. I’m about a month behind where I wanted to be. Go me.

A few of you have actually reached out over the past few weeks to ask if everything is okay with me. So sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m behind on emails by several months at this point. I will endeavor to catch up eventually.

For those asking, I am okay. A little exhausted and I’ve been under the weather for a while but I’m coming out of it. Honestly, the last few months I’ve just been eeking out whatever progress I can on Aileen 7. A few things have fallen by the wayside as a result.

There’s also been a pretty sizable shift on the personal front in my life. Nothing bad. It’s actually really happy news, but it has left me with my focus a little splintered. Fingers crossed that things will be a little better going forward though.

I spent last week reading Aileen 7’s first draft and making notes of where I want things to go. The good news is there are some great things in there. Exchanges that I really wanted to share immediately (but I will hold off since with my rewrites anything can be deleted) and ideas that with a little polishing might be spectacular. There was also a lot of fluff or story lines that led nowhere. I only wrote up to the climax of the book as it slowly dawned on me that the ending might end in a different place than I first intended.

Today I begin the rewrite. Hopefully as I dive back in, my enthusiasm for this storyline will return and my muse will start feeding me ideas again.

The bad news is that with how long this has taken to write and the fact that it’ll be at least 2 or more months until it can be published, I can guarantee that Firebird 6 won’t be published this year. Books in the Firebird series are always way longer than Aileen and take more time to write. I have a feeling that book won’t be out until the beginning of next year. I know there are going to be some people disappointed about that fact, but I’d rather take my time to write a book I’m proud of than rush and force things and risk burnout. I’ve been skating on that line for a while now, and I’d rather not tip over that edge.

In other news, the audio book for Trials of Conviction will be out on June 11.


Responses to “It’s Been A While”

  1. Kelli Avatar

    Good to hear from you! Hey, life gets in the way. I’m just excited to know we will get A7 and F6 within a year. Take care. ❤️❤️

  2. Linda Avatar

    The only real disappointment is completely selfish on my part. There are not a lot of books that I enjoy as much as yours so waiting tests my patience. Writing is a form of mental consumption, so much more than just focus. Take your time and do it right. We’ll all still be here.

  3. Heather Avatar

    Firebird is my favorite, I am just excited there WILL be 6 (or more?) and excited for A7 whenever they come out- even if it is two years from now. Life happens, burnout is real and writing is hard work. If you are happy with it, we already know from experience we will be too. Glad you are feeling better and hitting a grove.
    June 11 – audio sweet 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Avatar

    Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the new books whenever they become available. Hope all is well.

  5. Ani S. Avatar
    Ani S.

    Good to hear you are well. I just finished my re-read of Aileen Travers so will be up to content when book 7 comes out. Take your time – quality can’t be rushed – and we will read it when you are happy to release it. Thank you for your continious writing! 🙂

  6. Sam Avatar

    Thank you for the update! I can’t wait to read the next Aileen, the next Firebird, the next whatever- just as soon as you’re ready to provide them!

  7. Di Avatar

    This just gives me time to sneak in another re~read of both 😃

  8. Georgia Avatar

    Thanks for the update. Self care is important. I hope you find time to have some fun this summer. Next summer, the world science fiction convention will be in Seattle in August. I’ve really enjoyed the online Q&A sessions you have done. Would you consider an in person one at such a convention? Perhaps a reading from a work in progress? I have no connection with the planning of this event but as a fan I’ve loved seeing and hearing my favorite authors at such events in the past. Seattle is also a terrific city to visit.

  9. Barb Avatar

    Just take whatever time you need to look after yourself – we will still love the books (Aileen 7 and Firebird 6) whenever they come out.
    It gives me more time to do a re-read anyway 🙂

  10. Page Avatar

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the audiobook for Trials. Hope real life gets better. That is the most important thing after all. We’ll be waiting whenever the new books come out.

  11. Mary Allen Avatar
    Mary Allen

    So glad you are fine. I will buy and love the books when you finish them. I will reread while waiting.

  12. Fan Forever Avatar
    Fan Forever

    Health is wealth. Your job is not to push yourself to burn out and create crap. Your job is to be as intuitive and clear sighted and strategic as your characters when it comes to your craft, your health, and your life. I am infinitely patient for the gold (no pressure! hah) of your talents.

    Thank you so much for bringing these characters and worlds into my life. It has helped me through so many tough moments in my life and some really deep lows that included crazy burn out for 2+ years, death of my dad, and grieving while laid off from work. I’m good with re-reading and re-embracing heroes you’ve spun out of the ether. So thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.

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