Getting Better

I have survived the great wisdom tooth extraction. It wasn’t pretty though. I don’t say this often since being an author who dreams up fantastical situations, but it went worse than I imagined it would. 

One of the things I learned about myself is that I don’t handle pain meds well. Like at all. I managed to throw up more times in an 8 hour period than I had since I was a child sick with whatever virus it is children manage to get. Not being able to eat solid food probably compounded the situation. We knew my stomach is very sensitive since I have trouble with anything that has iron in it and antibiotics but this was even worse than that. 

I went off those meds fairly quickly. My mouth was a little more sore than I would have liked but I was able to keep food–and more importantly water–down. 

The husband was a rock star though. He did all the errands throughout, picking up the meds and antibiotics, making runs for ice cream and other soft food because I hadn’t bought any beforehand. He also made his first cup of tea ever. Granted, I had to groan instructions at him since he’s never brewed tea before and I didn’t want him singing my tea leaves and ruining the flavor, but he did it. All two sips I had before falling asleep again were delicious.   

Those on Facebook who said I’d at least have something to put in a book were right. One day a character of mine will have a similar reaction to a surgery or medication and those who’ve read this blog post will know why.

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  1. Kate Avatar

    Glad to hear you’re recovering! Love the new site layout!

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