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T.A. White

Where Dreams take hold

Featured Series

The Firebird Chronicles

Can Kira reconcile the pain of her past with the possibilities of her future? The fate of two races depends on her success.


The Broken Lands

A pathfinder with a mission. The warlord who stands in her way. With danger looming on the horizon, they will have to set aside their differences or face a fate worse than death.

The first rule everyone learns-no one survives the Broken Lands alone.

The Dragon Ridden Chronicles

An uncertain past. A sinister tattoo. A woman whose origin is steeped in mystery. How will Tate survive in a city where no one is what they appear-including her?

The Aileen Travers Series

She thought her life had taken a hard turn to crazy town when she woke up in the morgue sporting a new set of fangs. Turns out that was just the beginning.

About The Author

T.A. White

Writing is my first love. Even before I could read or put coherent sentences down on paper, I would beg the older kids to team up with me for the purpose of crafting ghost stories to share with our friends. This first writing partnership came to a tragic end when my coauthor decided to quit a day later, and I threw my cookies at her head. Today, I stick with solo writing, telling the stories that would otherwise keep me up at night.

Most days (and nights) are spent feeding my tea addiction while defending the computer keyboard from my feline companions , Loki and Odin.


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The Blahs
With Aileen 6 off to the beta readers, the cover commissioned, and as of this morning the blurb written, I’m at loose ends for my afternoon. I’ve tried to summon the motivation to do something. Anything. But so far I haven’t been successful. Here are the tasks I’ve started–and abandoned–in the past few hours. Grocery…
Aileen 6 Snippet
There were a lot of fun scenes to choose from this mornings editing session. I’m on the last draft before I send to betas and then the editor. Enjoy! Snippet The sound of puking came as Nathan started the car. I looked into the backseat to find Connor bent over and heaving. “What happened to…
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Deleted Scene
Now that I am about to embark on the second draft for Aileen 6, I thought it was time to build a little excitement for the coming book. As promised, here is a deleted scene from book 5. It was the original beginning of Twilight’s Herald. I cut it for reasons I can’t remember, but…
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