The Firebird Chronicles Glossary


Loosely translated it means the reckoning – challenging to dangerous undertakings.

A rite of passage Tuann must pass.

Similar to an en-blade. One must utilize their ki to extend the blade for use.

Fist sized animal who is stubborn and blood thirsty.

Haldeel word for spy. Often used in reference to the ilsa.

The crown jewel of the Haldeel empire. It doesn’t have a fixed location but rather wanders space.


Cat ear shaped flower.

Polite form of address, ex: Sir or Ma’am.

The material with anti-ballistic properties often used in the clothes Kira is given by House Roake.

A carnivorous fish raised by the Haldeel.

My love.

A tree on Ta Sa’Riel.

Affectionate term of endearment similar to sweet heart.

A formal form of coli.

Place of remembrance.

Horse-like creature.

Term of endearment given from someone older to someone younger.

Symbiotic creatures in the ocean.

An enemy on Roake’s border.

The defensive mines deployed around Ta Sa’Riel.

Insult. Roughly translated – mutt, half-breed, waste.

Alien arachnid that is sometimes used as a spy or pet.

Warrior forms.

Alcoholic drink.

Soul’s breath.

Derogatory term by the tsavitee used in reference to humans. Loosely
defined it means fodder or food.

A snack wrapped in a pastry.

A snack wrapped in a pastry.

A type of tea popular among the Tuann.

It means blessing in Tuann and is in reference to the Mea’Ave’s child.


Dragon like creature who is able to manipulate ki.

The soul of the planet.

Beast of burden, pulls carriages, looks like a cross between a bison and woolly mammoth.

Night animal.

Elite Tuann warriors – their name means shield.

Drains ki.

Teacher or guide.

Second chances.

Direct translation means all and none. It is the third neutral gender of Odin’s people, being neither female or male.

Cross between boar and wolf and armored tank.

A Tuann invention that looks like butterfly wings and allows the user to fly.

A small angry rodent.

Looks like a cross between a rabbit and a chinchilla. They possess minor empathic abilities that allow them to act as emotional support companions.

A special gem that is considered valuable.

Trial of the Broken. A rite of passage those of House Roake must pass
before receiving a teacher who will prepare them for the adva ka.

Similar to synth armor but not as advanced.

An order of the Haldeel that is considered sacred.

Student or apprentice.


Various forms of formal address by the Haldeel.

Precious small one.

Tuann energy/projectile weapon that looks kind of like a bow and arrow.


Luatha – Ruled by Liara.
Roake – Ruled by Harlow.
Danai – Overlord unknown
Asanth – Overlord unknown
Kashori – Overlord unknown

Dethos – Sworn to Danai
Maxiim – Fallen House formerly sworn to Luatha
Remie – Sworn to Danai
Shivie – allegiance unknown
Terot – Sworn to Danai
Votair – Allegiance unknown

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