Friday Randomness

I’d planned to take today off since my writing week started on Sunday. Five consecutive writings days is usually my limit. After that, I need to fill the well again. Unfortunately, Thursday didn’t go to plan and I didn’t hit word count. Originally, I planned to make up the last 1000 words today and then dive into my weekend. Except a 1000 turned into 1500 with the words still flowing. I ended up doing a full day’s work.

The weird thing about being a writer is that your schedule doesn’t always play out the way you think or wish it would. It’s why sometimes I’ll write on the weekend or at odd times if the words are particularly loud. I’ve learned to grab hold when the story moves me because it’s difficult to recapture that mindset. Last Sunday (or rather Friday night and Saturday) I had an “ah ha” moment. One of those situations where the scenes my brain has been chewing on for a little while finally realign into something that makes sense. All those issues that bugged me sort themselves out and it’s like watching a movie in my head. A beautiful, thrilling movie that occasionally makes me cry with both bittersweet joy and abject sorrow.

My little scene adjustment turned into a full rewrite of the first four chapters with several new scenes flowing into the old ones. It sounds like a step backwards when in reality it’ll set me up well later. I always struggle if the beginning of a book isn’t right. I need a stable foundation with which to build a story. Spending a little more time in the beginning can pay dividends in the future. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I do something like this.

At least it’s not a rewrite that comes at 86,000 words in. I’m looking at you Threshold of Annihilation and The Storm’s Whisper.

Next week the edits for Nightfall’s Prophet are due so I’ll be shifting gears back to Aileen. That brings me to my question for you–Do you prefer entire chapters as a teaser for a book? Or a visual element mixed with a quote like the one I post on Facebook every once in a while? Or both? I’m interested to see what people look forward to so I can plan my marketing.

Responses to “Friday Randomness”

  1. E_ Avatar

    The answer to your question is yes! *grin*

  2. Linda Avatar

    If the picture is what you want us, the readers, to see then, yeah, a picture is great. The reason I read your books, however, is your ‘voice’, your word paths that take me on a journey. I’ll take a written snippet, a deleted scene, a chapter any day. A picture is bonus.

  3. Elisabeth Avatar

    I like both.

  4. Hannah Avatar

    I really like the little mini chapters you put out sometimes. Those are my favorites

  5. Jen Avatar

    Chapter, snippet, a different POV from a scene in an earlier book are always going to be my number 1! Or possibly my numbers 1-3…

  6. Vanessa Avatar

    I’ll take all that you can give us be it a chapter, a snippet, etc. 😉

  7. Sara A Avatar
    Sara A

    I enjoy chapters. It tends to draw me in a bit more. However, I will never be sad about a snippet!

  8. Jenn Kiel Avatar
    Jenn Kiel

    I’m selfish and would love an entire chapter! Everything you share is wonderful.

  9. Lorie York Avatar
    Lorie York

    What ever gets me more! Lol

    1. Eliza Avatar

      I usually borrow ebooks from the library. You are by far the only author I preordered.

      If I don’t know an author or a new series, I might need a full chapter to consider buying.

  10. Tania Banfield Avatar
    Tania Banfield

    I love a snippet with an image or lots of one line snippets and I love maybe a page worth to draw me in. But never a whole chapter as a teaser.

  11. Lorrian Avatar

    Anything, dear lady. Or even all.

  12. Meesh Avatar

    I agree, yes to them all. It is fun to have the diversity and it “teases” different things. All and any are good.

  13. Leslie Avatar

    I will be greedy and say I would like both ! A visual is great so I can envision what you see in your mind. And a chapter because your writing is the reason why your books are my comfort books.

  14. CEC Avatar

    I’d vote/have a preference for a text (words) teaser… your words paint the picture for me.

  15. Keyes Avatar

    I personally prefer snippets of chapters or full chapters. However, I am happy with anything

  16. Emma-Jane Reeve Avatar
    Emma-Jane Reeve

    Happy for any snippet…

  17. Bri Avatar

    I like it all! I’m just grateful you give me a glimpse into the upcoming book I look forward to.

  18. AMANDA Avatar

    I vote chapters.

  19. Lora Avatar

    I really love an entire chapter as a teaser, it sets the scene in my mind and i can’t wait for the full release. As a total fan, if you released a book every month, I’d have them all preordered. The wait kills me!

  20. Celia Avatar

    I’m happy with anything I can get. I love your storytelling.

  21. Talia Avatar

    All of the above or none of the above, whatever gets us The Firebird Chronicles Book 5 fastest. LOL

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