Treading Water

The book is pushing back hard today. I should have known bragging on Facebook about hitting word count every day last week in Aileen 7 would jinx me eventually.

The morning wasn’t so bad. Just under my goal of 1000. However, coming back after lunch was a different story. For some reason, the words aren’t happening. It’s weird. Usually when this occurs, I hate my morning session and spend my time obsessing. Not this time. I’m actually quite happy with the scene I started. It’s the bridge getting to the heart of the book that’s the problem. I feel like something big needs to happen to shake things up more than they already are. But what? That’s what is stumping me. And why are they where they are? Where is my “so what”?

Maybe I need some lying down time. Visualize what needs to happen next. I do love a good brainstorm session. Even if it doesn’t always translate to words on paper. Or maybe I go and take another look at that outline. See if there are some things I can clarify there.

This may end up being more of a planning and brainstorming day. Those do happen. It’s hard, though, when they do. I always have trouble giving myself grace when the words are being difficult. In my mind, I know that it’s often better to take a knee and re-orient than to dash off in the wrong direction and potentially have to gut a section later.

I still don’t like it. I want to write. Words. Good words. The best words I’ve ever written. Every. Single. Day.

I never said I was rational or set healthy goals. 😀

If you’re listening my creative muses, it’s me. Tobey. Hoping you send me a couple of flashes of inspiration.

Oh look. That might be one now.

Responses to “Treading Water”

  1. Kiri Guyaz Avatar
    Kiri Guyaz

    Aww, be gentle with Tobey! She kicks so much ass already—and we don’t want you burning out parts of yourself you might need to brain and stuff…! Love and compassion and all the hugs—💜

  2. MK Avatar

    All I ask is that there are more karaoke scenes. I feel strongly that Aileen needs to teach Connor the fine art of lip-syncing to the greatest hits. Or introduce him to The Office. Hehehehe

    1. WM Avatar

      Yes, karaoke with Nathan serenading her with “Come on Aileen” then using that line throughout the story when he wants her to something.

  3. Betsy Stout Shaver Avatar

    Sometimes creative blocks happen because the subconscious part of the creative flow gets plugged up. Two or more trains of thought are tangled and competing as to which should be best to be next in order. Maybe take some centering time to relax and try out different scenarios for the story to flow or rearrange itself. Maybe there is an important new element that needs to be included. Take some contemplative time to let your thoughts come out and play.

  4. Tink Avatar

    Got to be explicit in your requests and typing. Former could lead to flashes of hot and latter could lead to flashes of perspiration. 😋

    Happy wording.

  5. Alanna Avatar

    I recommend some exercise that you can’t speak through. Laps in a pool, or distance running. Something where you are alone with the aches. Start with your question, and eventually the answer will come. Best of luck, and we’re rooting for you.

  6. Andrea Smith Avatar
    Andrea Smith

    Why are they where they are? My crazy brain: They came for the chocolate; the beautiful bridge is a portal to Candyland! 

    Something Bigger? I’m seeing a s’more-style monster get eaten by Aileen. Lol!

    I hope the brainstorming session makes you write like the wind. At the very least, it gets you moving in the right direction.

  7. Linda Avatar

    When was the last time you read Charge of the Light Brigade? Let it stir your emotions and then let your emotions stir Aileen’s. Recall that her world is real instead of a book and a job. It will come. Creation is costly but you always pay and we thank you.

  8. Snow Avatar

    Hang in there🤞🏽fighting 🤞🏽!!!

  9. Christina Avatar

    I’m very excited to see more of Aileen /Thomas / Inara/Connor’s interactions continue with the rest of the series. And lest not forget about Liam. I love Liam. I ‘ve always wondered if Aileen and Liam were fated mates… Maybe explore the fae thing in the lineage’s family.
    Write inside of your wheelhouse. Forget what other people might want.

  10. Bente Avatar

    I love your Alieen books, have just finished book 6 on Audible and cant’t wait for book 7. I love Aileen’s inner monolouge and that I get to know her world as she experiances it first hand. I love the way you write your books, and i hope i won’t have to wait long for book 7. 🙂 lots of love from Norway 🙂

  11. wendy somerville Avatar
    wendy somerville

    Dear TA (which is how I think of you), I check in occasionally to see what you are up to.
    I hope you are well and not beating yourself up.
    Take care.

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