What’s Next?

Firebird 5 (the title of which was decided on Friday) is now in the hands of the beta readers and my editor. It’s left me a bit at loose ends as I decide what I should do next. The first couple weeks after a book is finished and no longer on my plate is usually what I refer to as my reset period.

But just because I’m in a “reset” doesn’t mean the work stops. There’s a book to name (check), a cover to commission (also check), a blurb to write, snippets to pull out and put to artwork, deciding on a publishing date, then uploading the book to the different distributers, etc. I also need to catch up with all the email that has come in over the past few weeks that got pushed to the side in favor of me being full on focused on the book. I think there are also website updates to make.

In this period I usually try to start also outlining the next book. Or at least do some deep thinking. That’s a problem when you don’t know what you want to write. The original plan was to start a new series after Firebird 5 was done. Of course, when I made that plan, Firebird 5 was the last book in the series… That didn’t work out how I intended. Thanks, Kira and Jin. (This means there are more books after 5. Because I know that’s the next question people will ask.)

To further confound things, I’m not sure which of my many story ideas to pursue. The choice is an important one considering the time commitment involved. Firebird has been running at least five years. Aileen, even longer. So whichever world I choose, I’ll be working in it for awhile. That means I’d better like it.

Do I do the sci fi that’s a little heavier on the romance than Firebird? It’s one of my favorite genres but one that is difficult to find books I like in due to most not striking that perfect balance between action, sci fi, and romance. There’s also the Sci Fi military-esque series that is chock full of family drama and the heroine doing insane things. It’s a little closer in vibe to Kira’s world except the heroine is no hero and when the book starts she’s already signed up for a ten year commitment to the military. Much to her dismay. It’s a little different than my normal fare. Quite odd actually.

Or do I return to my roots and explore that Fantasy Romance that has been teasing my brain over the last few months? It’d be in the same vein as pathfinder. With a strong, highly capable heroine who has been given in tithe to a very powerful people. It’s the newest world of those I’ve been dreaming, but it’s startlingly well fleshed out.

Let’s not forget the portal fantasy that I’ve been wanting to do forever. Or the three contemporary romances that keep popping into my head.

You see my problem.

Maybe I’ll just putter around. Put some ideas on paper and see if anything sucks me in once I get going. If I truly can’t choose, I guess Aileen and friends will get a new adventure sooner than planned. I already have an idea of where that is going.


Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Rebecca Grant Avatar
    Rebecca Grant

    Will read anything you choose to write! I’m so happy about Firebird 5, can’t wait to hear what the release date is. Thanks for all the wonderful stories!

  2. Jane Avatar

    I came to your books through Firebird (then went on a 16 book glom – literally read 16 in like a 2 week period) and I love them all. But if I had my current wish? I’d wish for Firebird to continue for a few more books and for you to venture into that new fantasy. Pathfinder feels pretty complete and I think Aileen can wait.

    Just a readers 2 cents. Of course, whatever you publish? I’ll be there.

    1. Rokeya Avatar

      I agree. This series is just too good and intense( in the best way) for us too suffer in wait. Please finish the series before starting another. It’s torture when we have to wait for next book😭

  3. Ru Avatar

    I love all your books, but Pathfinder was the one that introduced your writing to me. Please to another fantasy, thats my favourite genre, although Aileen and Kira are just as fabulous. Any book you right I will read regardless, but I am looking forward to a new world.

  4. MR Avatar

    I would love for Firebird to continue first before a new one. I love your different series, but prefer to keep going rather than keep jumping between.

  5. Lynne Goundry Avatar
    Lynne Goundry

    I read the Firebird series (first 3) then moved on to Aileen Travers (Bk 1 and at the time found it hard to get into). Then moved onto the Broken Land series and finished those. Went back to Aileen and ended up reading the rest of what was available. Moved onto Dragon Ridden series. Then went back to read Aileen 6? and then Firebird 4 or the other way around, can’t remember. What I have learned from my personal experience is that sometimes a book just doesn’t hit us right at the time we start reading. I can say how much I’ve enjoyed every book and every series in it’s time for me. Writing must be much the same. I’m going to assume that the kind of writer you seem to be by the books you write is more on the emotional bent and not the formula type. So go with what appeals to you in the moment you need to start writing. I can’t imagine any of your readers saying nope to a series you’ve written. Can’t wait for any and all books that you put out. I’ve also re-read your books quite a few times and enjoy them over and over again.

  6. sun Avatar

    My absolute favourites were the pathfinder books and i will forever wait for more of them ♡ But whatever you choose to continue with, I will be here to read 🙂 Thank you for the marvelous stories!

  7. Kathy S Avatar
    Kathy S

    Aside from the first 3 Aileen books and the first Pathfinder I’ve loved your writing. Truth be told, it wasn’t the writing I didn’t like so much as where the plot went.

    I’ve read so many things over the years that I think you could take the story and run with it. What about a secret society?

  8. Linda Avatar

    Well, first let me say I am relieved Firebird is not ending on schedule and that Aileen has more adventures planned. Both series are so very good and I can ‘see’ other twists and turns and am glad you do to. Keeping them alive is a wonderful gift for me. Another plus is that both ladies live and breathe and struggle in VERY different worlds. When I reread them, your voice, your written words come into my head like two completely different authors. Add in the Broken Lands, also ringing different in my mind, and you’ve given me a lot of great reread material. I heard something in your voice when you considered the fantasy/romance, the girl as an offering idea. Kira is outer space. Aileen is contemporary. You have put to bed the Broken Lands. If my vote counts, write the fantasy/romance. It would be another completely different world and another new written voice. So many of the heroines in fantasy/romance are TOO young, too angsty, too needy. Your heroines are never weak or dumb and, your men are always hunky dory. Whatever genre you choose, I will read.

  9. Keegan Avatar

    Can’t wait for more Aileen & Firebird!

  10. Elisabeth Avatar


    I would love to know what lead to the world Pathfinder is playing. Or books of short stories in all the worlds you created.

    Anyway, have a good process in bringing the story that’s there to be written to paper.

  11. Audrey Avatar

    For what it’s worth, I think there is probably a voice already speaking to you a little bit louder than the others. This isn’t unusual but can be somewhat difficult to identify during the “book finished exhaustion period”. We all understand needing that time after such a big push to the finish – regardless of our occupation or artistic medium. Give yourself the mental break you deserve please! You’ve earned it and the finishing edits on this latest Firebird will still require some of your available brain power. My completely unsolicited advice is to take the break and rest! Play with the cats, indulge an easy hobby, and just live for a couple of weeks. That character/ book voice will stop competing and will bring you certainty on the next direction.

    And we, the fans, will always follow!

  12. Liz Avatar

    I love all your books but my favorite is Pathfinder and have read it so many times I have stop counting. I would vote to finish Firebird and do the fantasy romance like thats is similar to pathfinder.

    Thank you 🙏

  13. Madeleine Avatar

    Kyaaaa! It all sounds so good. Especially the tithe one! But we trust you implicitly. Every series you do is stellar so just pump out what you want and we’ll be here eager to read.

  14. Hukal Avatar

    Please continue firebird. I love it. Graydon is soo hot and Kira is so interesting. Especially love the depth of character provided by Selenes insight on Kira.
    And a new series sounds great. Either sci-fi or fantasy as long as it has a great heroine in the like Kira.

  15. Laura Avatar

    I am so excited for Firebird 5. All of your ideas for new series sound so intriguing, and I know I will love whichever you choose to pursue first. Can’t say I’m disappointed we have another adventure with Kira and Jin to enjoy after this one :). And I totally agree that there is a lack of stellar series in the space opera / sci-fi romance space. I’ve been looking since I found Firebird Chrinicles, but nothing measures up.

  16. Evan Avatar

    I need all of those books. Immediately. I’m so excited for whatever you choose to write next, and you can’t go wrong with any of those options. And hopefully we’ll get to read them all at some point!

  17. Emma Avatar

    Love your writing so I’m looking forward to whatever comes next, except contemporary romance. Which is hugely unfair as I expect you’d like to try something different. I just really enjoy the worlds you create.

  18. Lauren Avatar

    Please please please go back to your Pathfinder routes. That idea sounds AMAZING 🤩

  19. Andrea W. Avatar
    Andrea W.

    I’m excited to read whatever you write because I know it will be amazing! That said, I hate open loops so I would love to see another Firebird or Aileen book.

  20. Stephanie Williams Avatar
    Stephanie Williams

    What I love most about your books is the fantastically creative way the heroines get themselves out of tricky spots (Kira and her free diving, Aileen and the alpha’s car, Shea and the pole…). It’s like flipping the bird to the patriarchy and I go back to those passages and read them again and again when I’m feeling down. Whatever world you choose, your writing flair will be sure to carry it off.

  21. Celia Avatar

    Yes to them all. All sound great. I love your writing and am sure I will love anything you write. Go with your gut.

  22. Zoë Avatar

    This is all so exciting! I think my dream wish would be for Kira and Jin’s adventures to continue and for their happy ending be it book 6 (or even 7!) And then the fantasy romance !!!! I remember when you talked about this in a live and I’m still obsessed with the idea. But the portals also sound so cool and omg a contemporary romance from you! Yes please! We all have our favourites but whatever you write I know it’ll be incredible and I’ll love it.

  23. Tulajo Avatar

    I adore Kira’s world. Please continue this series.

  24. Johanna J Avatar
    Johanna J

    I vote for a new fantasy along the vein of pathfinder but whatever you decide will be fine with us.

  25. Niki Avatar

    Have loved all your books, so happy with any decision, not helpful I know! Firebird my favorite though.

  26. Evelyn Carrillo Avatar
    Evelyn Carrillo

    What about another sci-fi with Jin as the main character?

  27. Kiri Guyaz Avatar
    Kiri Guyaz

    Okay, I’ll ALWAYS want more of the Pathfinder world! Always! But you intrigue me with talk of a *new* fantasy romance! Oooh! And a portal romance! Those are my number 1,2, and 3 votes, if we were voting! But I’ll take anything!!!💜💜💜

  28. Kezz Avatar

    Hoooow good! Wohooo, so exciiited.

    Thank you soooo much. We enjoy everything and anything you give us.

  29. Ren Avatar

    Firebird has definitely been a favourite and sits in my top 5 books series! When I first picked up firebird 1, I was sceptical as sci fi isn’t something I would reach for in a book genre, but it was incredible! As someone who reads at any opportunity in the day, and can easily binge a 500page book in 12 hours, I found myself savouring the story and taking my time because I didn’t want it to end so soon. I couldn’t predict the twists and turns like I normally would and found I enjoyed the journey because I couldn’t anticipate where the story was going to take me. So well done on creating such an brilliant story. Would love to read more sci-fi with heavier romance if you choose to write this genre.

  30. Ani Avatar

    Whatever you write – I’m sure we will love it. Aileen next sounds great but your post makes the “Fantasy Romance that has been teasing my brain” sound more likely. The short synopsis makes me interested – will definintely buy it. And looking forward to the publishing of Kira and Jins 5 book ….. Thank you and enjoy your “free and unattached” phase …

  31. Lisa Avatar

    I just want to say that you’re one of my favorite authors and I love everything that you have written!! Would you ever consider exploring the forty three in Kira’s world? I feel like there’s so much potential there.

  32. Debbie Avatar

    I would love the next Aileen book. But I love all your books, so happy for whatever you give us.

  33. Kezia Avatar

    Absolutely thrilled for more Firebird books. It’s so hard to find good Sci fi romance that are not alien abduction books or romance that just happens to have an alien in it. Your books are so far from what is usually out there and the world building is unbelievable. It’s so far my fave series and I love all its books. I’m also liking Aileen better in these latter books. There’s so many vampire romance that I wasn’t that much interested at first but she’s grown on me as I’ve gotten to know her. I also like the Pathfinder but like Shea’s books best of that series. I felt it was ok to end at book 3. Anything you feel like writing I’m reading. But keep Firebird coming. I don’t even mind the wait between books (as long as it’s not years in between) if that means you’ll continue the series. And Elena, Ziva&Joule or Devon will be a good spin off or continuation later when they grow older.

  34. widya Avatar

    I’m so happy to hear that Firebird 5 is coming soon, and there are more books in the series (although I feel very impatient to get my hands on them too) !! that’s one of the best news I’ve had this year aside from getting the Eras Tour ticket.
    If being asked about what should you write next, I vote for Firebird 6, sci-fi series with a lot of romance, or contemporary romance. I know it doesn’t help but I will for sure wait for your next works!!

  35. The Paper Girl Avatar
    The Paper Girl

    I don’t think you understand how much I need your novels. I love the spunky, non-conformist main characters that make great choices (even when they’re wrong choices). And it’s not cringe!! I’d read basically anything you write at this point.

    But I’m immediately drawn to the sci-fi-military-romance AND pathfinder 2.0. I do lean more toward the romance side, so anything with a heavier hand in romance is going to inspire me for months. Although I’m loathe to say it, I find myself having a harder time relating to heroines with no desire for romance.

    I remember finding Kira for the first time. I couldn’t stop applying her boldness and unapologetic justice to all of my interactions. They made life more colorful and enjoyable.

    Also, how can I be one of your beta readers? I have experience reading for constructive (and polite) feedback and would love to be a small part of your dream team.

  36. Helena Avatar

    Interesting. I’m guessing we will still have a large cliff hanger at the end of this book. Currently there are too many outstanding plot lines to tie up. Impossible with one book. Sigh… I enjoy all the books that have been written by T.A White; but I’m enthralled with this series. So many complex issues to resolve, hope always spliced with deceit and pain. So many worlds blending together and so far neither in balance. As much as I’ve painfully awaited this book, I’m concerned that I’m going to inhale firebird #5 painfully waiting for # 6. Oh well…

  37. William Cheney Avatar
    William Cheney

    Just wondering, will you be releasing the Audio version of Firebird 5 at the same time as the main book release, when ever that may be?

  38. Annie Avatar

    I’m soooo pumped for Firebird 5! Thank you! For your next book, I’d say write what make you giddy to write. Write that scifi with heavy romance that you want to read, cuz I definitely want to read it. 🙂 This category is seriously suffering recently in clever heroines, and you happen to be really good at writing clever heroines. Just consider not putting a green alien six pack on the cover, haha. But you are amazing at world building, which is why I’d love to see any new fantasy or scifi series from you, so I can discover a new world. You’d probably rock contemporary too. Congrats on your book!

    1. Helen Avatar

      I agree!!!

  39. S Cook Avatar
    S Cook

    I am so excited to read Firebird 5! Just preordered it.This has become one of my favorite series and I’ve already reread it twice. So glad to hear that it will be continuing!

  40. Granna Avatar

    More books!!!! Yes!!! Thank you so very very much. I just got done reading Trials of Conviction (it’s fabulous by the way) and had to come and check if there was any mention of more in the series. The series is awesome!
    I am so happy right now.
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year

  41. Barbara Fontane MD Avatar
    Barbara Fontane MD

    I love your Firebird line. A Kira -like heroine is so hard to find in fantasy books. She’s strong, not being victimized, unwilling to lessen her self worth, or self esteem. The slow burn of her romance is delightful. Since she doesn’t trust, it takes her awhike to warm up to Grayson. This felt realistic. So many books with strong women have the heroines falling, half regretfully, into the main man’s arms, and then feeling that they are, in some way, less than the man. So boring, so repetitive. Her progression into her heritage, the respect she gains from those around her, I don’t find in hardly any fantasy, sci fi books,featuring women as the heroines. I think younger women are thinking differently than my Gen, where they can shine, on their own terms, be loved and cherished for their brilliance, their strength, and ability to be honorable and loving. so I’m looking forward to the last book. thank you for creating such a heroine.

  42. Helen Avatar

    You do great scifi romance. I’m putting my vote in for a new scifi romance series…wait you didn’t ask for votes you say?

  43. Helen Avatar

    This seems like a likely place to get suggestions! Obviously I love scifi romance. Can any of you suggest more authors with great books in this style? I love Linnea Sinclair, Rachel Bach, S.L Viehl, Katherine Allred. Are there any others that you all read?

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