The Dragon Ridden Chronicles Glossary

The Three Major Races

They were considered the shock troops of the creators and were genetically modified to withstand heavy damage. They live in clans and can grow claws and fangs when provoked.

An island people who have a strict honor system. They can exist for long times under water without coming up for air.

Other Races

Those who have bonded with a dragon. They are called two souled for the way the dragon exists as a tattoo on their body. They’re able to take the body of a dragon in times of crises The stress of the bond on the mind of the human has been known to drive them insane.

Genetically modified to fight in the Creators’ war. There are many different types. Some call them the Creators’ monsters. They were left to sleep after the war between the Saviors and the Creators.

The correct name for the species Tate calls bearcat.


Term of endearment that means priceless treasure.

The word means Sanctuary. Their ranks are made up of those who don’t fit into society. Many of them were once sleepers or are descended from sleepers.

A guild citizens can pay to have protect them. Their original mandate was to protect the public from the Creator’s monsters.

Their ranks:

Gabbro – lowest
The Obsidian Lord

This court is led by the two Lucius’s and is part of the underworld.

A semi military elite group that serves at the emperor’s behest. They are comprised entirely of dragon ridden.

The leader of the Guardians.

A religious order who seeks to preserve and understand the Saviors’ lives.

It is an anesthetic.

A bitter alcoholic drink.

An entity that is a war machine whose body is so vast that if he ever rose he’d destroy the city of Aurelia and a good chunk of the coast.

Remnants left by the Saviors. They possess complete control over the spaces they rule.

The dark time after the Saviors liberated the three peoples (Silva, Kairi and human).

They are the five individuals thought to be responsible for freeing the world from the Creators’ tyranny. They’re worshipped as practical gods by the descendants of those they saved.

A term of endearment.

A blueish green alcoholic drink. Not as bitter as Janere.

It acts as a lie detector and can kill you depending on the severity of your falsehoods.

Silva Terms

Translated it means someone with close ties to the Doyenne. Also could be interpreted as the doyenne’s second-in-command

A term for their clan leader.

The leader of the Silva.

The word means ghosts or outcasts. Those who join the Kinjisan have been cast out of their clans. Many are considered too feral to exist among the rest of the Silva.

They are considered the hidden protectors of the Silva and are said to worship the Savior Jaxon Kuno. They usually only act in territories where the Silva are a minority.

It is a reference to one who is perpetually young and contains no aggression. Typically, they have a child-like mentality.

Kairi Terms

The most powerful Kairi leader. His word is law.

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