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This last week has been a roller coaster. I think this will be the last time I schedule a release around Christmas. It’s just too hard. Pre-orders are fine. That’s not the issue. It’s everything else that happens around this time of year. I haven’t done any of those things. All of the gifts have not been bought. I haven’t had time to ship gifts to those of my family and friends who will not be making it back for Christmas. Nor have I planned the grocery list for the Christmas dinner I, like an idiot, volunteered to host.

I’m not the greatest at multi-tasking. Especially when there is a hard deadline in the mix and consequences if I don’t hit it. I pretty much have not left the computer chair since Sunday when the proof for Trials came back. Except to sleep and eat. Hours, sitting motionless as I read through the final copy and made last minute adjustments. (I did, however, spend my downtime reading all of the Murderbot Diaries. In retrospect, not my best idea. Hours at work reading, followed by hours at night reading something else is a little much.)

This isn’t the closest I’ve cut it to getting the manuscript uploaded in time to Amazon, but it’s in the top five. Usually, I like to have everything done a week or more in advance. I got this done Wednesday at 7 p.m. and then spent most of today taking care of the other distributers and the print version of the book. (Which, to my surprise, will be available relatively close to the release date. I thought I’d screwed everything up by forgetting to account for the definitions section in my final page count to the designer, but it somehow worked out.)

Because I know people will ask, the audio book is also coming. I just sent them a copy of the manuscript so they can get started. No ETA on when that will be available.

It’s funny. Almost as soon as I put Trials to bed, Aileen and company got extremely loud in my head. I think I’ll be shifting to bring their adventure to life next. Just as soon as I finish all my Christmas preparations.

Responses to “Finish line”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Your “trials” are certainly tribulations. Did I mention that I got stuck in a time warp and lost a whole week? You are not alone with juggling. I’m glad you are clearing the “tribulations “ from your to be done list one tick at a time. I’m also glad Aileen is calling. I love Aileen. Have a merry holiday. Oh and thank you very much for my saving Elena this Christmas gift.

  2. Emily07 Avatar

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, and I’m sure your holiday meal will be spectacular. Keep believing that. Whenever I’m stressed, my motto has always been, “it will all work out”, and it always does.

    And from one of the many readers who really love and value your books; rest, relax and have a very happy holiday season. And I’m very much looking forward to December 26th, and I have scheduled lots of time for reading. One of the joys of retirement.

    Peace and blessing to you.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    Wishing you a happy holidays and hoping you take some time to rest and recharge! So excited to see where Kira’s adventure takes us next.

  4. Johanna J Avatar
    Johanna J

    Wishing you a merry Christmas (plus a little time now to relax and refresh). Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Stella Link Avatar

    Can’t wait to read it and Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Mary Allen Avatar
    Mary Allen

    We had Honeybaked Ham and Turkey for Thanksgiving and it was delicious. Just a thought. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year. I am so looking forward to Trials of Conviction and will spend the day reading it instead of after christmas shopping.

  7. CEC Avatar

    Surprising and possibly strange…. Amazon delivered Trials of Conviction at 10PM December 25th – 2 hours early…. although possibly Amazon is on EST and it’s just Midnight there – ??? (I’m in MST 2 hours behind…)

  8. The Paper Girl Avatar
    The Paper Girl

    Just finished Trials. Kira and Jin (and their shenanigans) will always have a special place in my heart. The ending made me laugh so hard. Another adventure on the horizon!

    I’m so excited Aileen is next. She’s a relatable dumpster fire that has just enough super powers and friends to stay ahead. That fearlessness reminds me that sometimes I need to take a chance. I don’t think anyone else can write spunky characters as well as you can. I only have one request. Can you PLEASE use another cover? I want everyone in the world to know about Aileen, but the cover feels really dated. I died a little when my friend turned down the series because the cover wasn’t engaging. In contrast, Kira’s covers are so market-ready. Please make Aileen accessible to a young adult audience too. I love you forever!!

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