Cats and Fridays

Friday did not go as planned. It started well enough. I got up, attended my Orange Theory workout class before returning and getting cleaned up. From there, I packed up my computer, headed to the coffee shop and dug 1200 words out of my brain. It was a pretty good pre lunch effort. I drove home, realized that I’d taken a wrong turn in the narrative and had a great idea to get things back on track. I made myself lunch. A lovely butternut squash, shitake mushroom and goat cheese quesadilla before taking it out to our patio where our new outdoor table awaited me. It was such a lovely day that I ended up spending an hour outside writing.

Then I came inside. This is where things took a drastic turn. Throw up. The foamy, clear kind. It was everywhere. Next to my kitchen table, in the entryway, throughout the kitchen, in front of the stairs. Everywhere. My husband and I tracked it to the basement stairs where we found Odin guarding the steps, leading us to assume he was the culprit. Only, it turns out he wasn’t. No, that was Loki who we found seconds later in the basement next to a huge pile of real throw up and flecks of foam and other stuff on her face.

While I cleaned Loki up, my husband dealt with the throw up. Thinking the excitement was over, I returned to my office to concentrate on the scene I was working on. I’d only just sat down when I looked up to find Loki had followed me and had large ribbons of foamy drool hanging out of her mouth like a rabid animal. Queue my panic. I’ve had this cat for over eight years. The only time she drooled like that was when she licked the spot where I’d put the flea medicine I used on her the first year I had her. I didn’t use it after that.

At this point, I called my vet and asked if I should be concerned. They said yes and to bring her in. Thirty minutes later, after fighting through rush hour adjacent traffic, I reached the vet with the non sedated Loki. This is important because a long time ago, it was decided that Loki couldn’t go to the vet unless she was sedated because of how aggressive she was. She is small but she is mighty. And very vocal. As a result, the vet couldn’t draw her blood. So I had to make an appointment for first thing the next day when she was on her chill pill. A sleepless night and an expensive vet bill later, we established that Loki wasn’t in organ failure, which is the biggest fear for a cat that likes to eat plants. No matter if they are toxic or not.

In the end, it appears she was just being a cat.

Today’s Loki. As if the events of Friday never happened.

Responses to “Cats and Fridays”

  1. Kate Avatar

    Cats and kids the same damn thing!!!

  2. Kathy Avatar

    Sometimes we just gotta prove we love them.

    1. Andrea Smith Avatar
      Andrea Smith

      I’m glad Loki is going better. I can’t help but be impressed with her spunk. There’s definitely a story behind sedate Loki before each vet appointment.

  3. Cora Avatar

    Glad she is alright. In my mind she would have been dead and mourned before reaching the vet

    1. T.A. White Avatar

      That is exactly what was going through my mind. My road rage has never been worse than when I was frantically trying to reach the vet while envisioning my best friend being at death’s door. So many bad words were said in the course of this adventure. Lol.

  4. Shelly B Avatar
    Shelly B

    So glad she’s ok!! Mine had a similar exorcist moment a year ago.. so much vomit! Thankfully it turned out to just be an upset stomach… but you don’t know until you check! Glad you were able to get her in so quickly and she’s doing better now.

  5. Mary Cruickshank-Peed Avatar
    Mary Cruickshank-Peed

    Ooff. Glad it wasn’t worse. I have a cat who used to chronically vomit. She thinks the other cats are going to chase her away from the food bowl, although they NEVER have, and she’ll hoover down food like there is no tomorrow. Then she throws up. She gets CBD treats now. And Gentle Stomach food. It has helped.

  6. Linda Avatar

    The more I read I kept thinking poison! Am mighty glad to be wrong. Beasties are my besties. Heartbreak when they are ill. Happy all is well!!!

  7. Stella Link Avatar

    Thank goodness she is ok!!! I’m sorry to hear you had to go through all that and she did! And your husband too…was nice of him to clean it up for you…..

  8. 30 Books a Month Reader Avatar
    30 Books a Month Reader

    My cat had the same thing happen to her. The difference was I knew what she did, because I saw her eat the stink bug before I could stop her. She drooled and foamed at the mouth. My vet – fortunately- is within walking distance, so three minutes later I was at his office. I told him what she was doing ( like he couldn’t see the foam, right?) and he smiled and said that foaming and drooling was a way for cats to clean their mouths out – sort of like our spit. He cautioned to always bring her in unless I saw her eat a bug. An hour later she was sleeping like nothing ever happened while I was writing a 100 check to the vet. Lol.

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